Looking For a Great Los Angeles Tea Shop? Here’s What We Found

Tea Shop

Tea and the UK are synonymous. They simply love the stuff over there, so there must be something in it, right? Believe it or not, it’s also starting to grow in popularity on this side of the pond, leading to a number of Los Angeles tea shop establishments opening up. 

We happen to love tea too and like nothing more than a refreshing cup of tea every day. So, we set about trying to find where best to enjoy tea in the LA area – and here’s what we turned up. 

Tea Shop #1 – Hi SocieTea in Hollywood 

Our first establishment takes us to Hollywood, to Hi SocieTea – a Los Angeles tea shop that we felt had a traditional and formal atmosphere. They offer not just a wide range of teas, but also some delicious desserts and sandwiches into the bargain. It’s a great idea to book ahead as this place gets busy, but it’s not a deal breaker. Certainly worth a visit. 

Tea Shop #2 – Bird Pick Tea & Herb in Pasadena 

The next venue we looked at was in Pasadena, with Bird Pick Tea & Herb offering a wide selection of natural products – including tea. They focus on creating unique experiences, helping customers to try tea in new and interesting ways. This is a place to experiment with tea and see what really appeals to you so that you can enjoy it at home on a regular basis. 

Tea Shop #3 – Pearl’s Finest Teas 

We head now to the vicinity of Beverley Hills, with our gaze falling upon Pearl’s Finest Teas in Beverley Grove. Featuring prominently on Instagram, this is a tea shop that offers an elaborate and varied choice of teas, from milk teas to lattes to bubble teas. They do offer traditional fare, so you can pretty much try whatever your heart desires. 

Tea Shop #4 – The T Room In Glendale

Right in the heart of the mom & pops stores in Glendale, The T Room is one that offers a delightful tea-drinking experience. Also offering tasty meal options and children’s options, they’ve become quite popular with locals and visitors. It’s one that we’d try if you’re in the area. 

Tea Shop #5 – Chado Tea Room in Pasadena 

Our next Los Angeles tea room takes us back to the Pasadena locale and to Chado Tea Room. It’s one of numerous Chado Tea locations across LA and our favorite! With in excess of 300 different tea blends to sample and an extremely knowledgeable staff who are on hand to guide you to the best options, it’s an all-around tea-drinking experience that couldn’t be beaten. 

Their old-fashioned decor and wonderfully relaxing ambience make it the perfect place to enjoy tea to its fullest. We feel it’s the best of the lot in terms of an essential tea experience. 

Get Out There & Sample Your Local Los Angeles Tea Shop 

As we can see, there’s more opportunity to enjoy an authentic tea-drinking experience in LA than you perhaps thought. This has just been our top 5 and you should believe us when we say that we had a long list to whittle down to the selection we’ve covered here. 

Sure, the US is predominantly a coffee-drinking nation, but we think the more people that taste the amazing teas that exist, the more Americans will come to love it as so many in Europe already do.