How to Start Your Own Electric Scooter Business

Electric Scooter Business

Making business is a dream lots of people share. Today, you can make it almost on everything yet one of the win-win ideas is to use up-to-date technologies. For example, haven’t you noticed the increase in e-scooters popularity in the last few years? Lots of people leave their cars to move the city traffic on the ecological and cheap transport. Not all of them want to buy electric scooters and prefer to rent them. That is the clue reason to start an electric scooter business to offer them for rent. 

Let’s talk about the specifics of the electric scooter business and how to start it painlessly. RexSoft which is the company that has been developing software products for e-scooter rental may share its expertise with us.

Electric Scooter Business: How to Start And Gain Profits As Fast As Possible 

  • Is It Profitable to Start Electric Scooter Business

First of all, is it profitable to start an e-scooter business? As the popularity of that type of transport grows, it can become a good source of income. Moreover, you do not need big investments from the very start and the term of use of an average electric scooter is long enough so it will serve you for several years. On average, you can cover all the expenses during one season getting a net profit from your e-scooter fleet.

As for the main expenses, you may need to plan your budget to cope with the main expenditures.

  • Buying e-scooters for your rental service. This will be a one-time purchase except if you want to scale up the business gradually.
  • Getting an e-scooter application to create the infrastructure that will meet all the requirements both from you and your future customers.
  • Documentation. You should legalize your entrepreneur status in the state’s official institutions.

As for the first and the third point in the list, they are up to you to calculate. RexSoft can help you to forecast the price for e-scooter software development. Be sure that point is the most important when starting an electric scooter business. 

  • Main Steps for the Great Start

Let’s highlight the main steps for your electric scooter rental service launching. 

  1. Developing an idea and creating a business plan. Start from this to get all the information about future expenses and challenges in advance. What will be your service’s size? Where do you intend to provide rental services? How many scooters do you need for the start? Answer these questions and draw up a business plan.
  2. Choosing an electric scooter fleet. This will be, probably, the most costly part of the process.
  3. Get the software that will meet your requirements. For e-scooter rental services, applications should work brilliantly both on the client’s side and on the owner’s. Besides, it should have CRM features to manage the whole business with it.
  4. Manage regulatory questions like registration of a new company, and concluding rental contracts with open spaces owners to place your fleet on them.
  5. Launch the promotional campaign to show your service to an audience.
  • How to Make Your E-Scooter Business Start Painless

Even if you are a sophisticated entrepreneur, starting a new project can be tough. Besides, you need to plan your time and costs thoroughly. When you need to get an application for your electric scooter rental, there is an innovative and effective solution you can use. Do not buy an e-scooter custom application as it can cost you $30,000+. Start with the e-scooter franchise. In RexSoft, this way of getting electric scooter business software became a win-win solution. Getting an application for your business in that model of cooperation offers you several benefits:

  • Saving time as the application is already developed, you need only to customize and adjust it for your business.
  • Reducing costs for app development. Just compare the price of custom software development which is over $30,000 for electric scooters and the cost of the starter’s payment for the franchise which is only $5,000! You can imagine that’s cost-saving.
  • Getting skilled support for your application. RexSoft’s pros are always ready to help you with the support and maintenance of your electric scooter franchise app.
  • Besides, you get a toolkit for your business right now and pay for it when your business is already running. A franchise allows paying per the number of scooters monthly.

Making business on the e-scooter rental is a popular startup. You can easily take it as your business idea as there are loyal allies who will help you with it. RexSoft’s e-scooter franchise is your great solution for starting an electric scooter business.