How does Django make building websites easier?

Features of websites built with Django

Which companies have seen the benefits of using Django? General information about this tool. Which company can create a multifunctional website for you?

Features of websites built with Django

Many developers today use various frameworks, libraries, and other tools to make their websites more functional and speed up their work as much as possible. Django is a web application framework written in the Python programming language. Websites built with Django allow you to create reliable and maintainable websites in no time. The system handles the lion’s share of website development, allowing you to focus your efforts on creating applications. A considerable number of popular sites took advantage of this opportunity.

General information

Django-based internet sites are developed primarily with multiple applications (alienated, pluggable). This is its main difference from other systems. It uses the principle of DRY – “no repetitions”- to minimize the duplication of information.

When using a database, a programming method links databases to systems of programming languages, thus obtaining a virtual “store” of information. Thanks to this tool, the created websites have the following functional properties:

  • the required volume – the program works smoothly as a whole, having a massive database of information;
  • universal – the system is applicable for almost all types of sites and can be increased internally by third-party sites;
  • safe – thanks to it, you can avoid most common mistakes that are associated with external “attacks”;
  • changes the scale – any part of the program is independent so that it can be easily replaced or corrected; this is very important when the load on the sites increases (bandwidth, increase in users);
  • easy to maintain – in connection with the application of the DRY principle, repetitions are excluded, and as a result, it reduces the size of the code and also groups related codes into modules;
  • portable – because it was created using the Python language, it is not “attached” permanently to any server platform and can be entered from different versions of Linux, Windows, etc.

All these characteristics make this tool a beneficial product that will make many tasks easier for you.

Some examples of websites built with this tool

To create a site, you must use equivalent components: authorization methods, a user panel, and sending and receiving files. Since the tasks are similar, there is an opportunity to make them more accessible by reducing the cost of developing a website.

Here are a few examples of who exactly used this system to their advantage.

  • Youtube. It is one of the most popular sites, so a sharp increase in the audience forced YouTube to use the services of this program. Some functions have been added, and existing ones have expanded their capabilities.
  • Instagram. Everyone knows this platform. It processes considerable information while maintaining contact with the user audience. This tool has solved many of the problems associated with increasing users.
  • Reddit. It is one of the largest social sites where users provide links to various kinds of information, and having a forum, it is possible to discuss news and leave comments. The program provided a range of functions.
  • Spotify. It is a platform that allows you to listen to music for free and share it with others. It is also possible to access your music “store” from any electronic device.
  • Bit Bucket. This virtual “storage” has attracted the attention of many developers and is in the millions. This hosting is one of the most loaded applications. And this “data cloud” carries such a “load” thanks to this program.
  • Mozilla. A popular browser that receives millions of “applications” every month. Collaboration with this tool helped to process such a volume of information.
  • Yahoo Maps. These maps and routes allow you to easily navigate the terrain, indicating a convenient way from point “A” to point “B.” In Western countries, it is the most popular search engine. These cards are reliable and accurate.
  • Disqus. This largest project allows you to manage comments on your website and control audience activity. With the help of this tool, the site was able to scale up due to the rapid growth of users.
  • Dropbox. It is one of the most popular “cloud storage” for different files: text, music, video, and graphics. This “vault” can be accessed from almost any device that has access to the Internet. By applying for this program, the DropBox team site has features such as account synchronization, file sharing, and user story.

Django helps sites develop and participate in creating new ones, giving them the necessary functions and solving many problems associated with data volumes and the number of users.

Which company will help create a multifunctional website?

SECLgroup can solve all your tasks and problems. It is a group of qualified developers who know their business.

The team has vast experience, working since 2005, creating a high-quality product and page design at a high level. The projects they made are fine with functionality because they use a testing system before launching the finished product. This test detects all errors (if any) and allows the team to correct them before launching the site.

This team has extensive experience developing websites for different industries – food, sports, medicine, auto manufacturing, finance, construction, advertising, real estate, sports, and many others.

SECLgroup cooperates with well-known companies such as Danone, Kia Motors, PepsiCo, Mazda Motor, The Lego Group, and many others. In total, SECLgroup provides services to companies from 24 countries worldwide. Use the services of highly qualified specialists from SECLgroup, and your websites will be fine with both functionality and demand and the amount of information being processed.

In the end

The described tool is a convenient platform that allows you to create an excellent feature-rich website that appeals to your potential users and makes a lot of money. SECLgroup will help you realize your ideas in the shortest possible time.

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