Android Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Device Running Smoothly


Since smartphones are basically small computers, they need to be taken care of regularly to make sure they last as long as your laptop or desktop computer.

If you don’t pay attention to them or real money online slots, your Android phone could start acting up long before it’s time to upgrade. This article says that there are seven easy ways to keep your phone in good shape.

1. Avoid Exposure to Water and Dust

Whenever possible, stay away from dusty or wet places. When these things happen, the damage they do isn’t always clear right away. Sometimes, you don’t know what’s wrong with your phone until it’s too late and you don’t know what went wrong.
Even if a smartphone has an IP68 rating, which means it can handle water and dust, damage can still happen. For example, if the phone is exposed to water for a long time, rust can form in the charging port, and dust can get into the speaker or mic and make calls sound terrible.

2. Use a Case and Screen Protector

You’re probably like the vast majority of people who protect their phone from drops with a case and a screen protector. Because these items are cheap, it’s easy to replace them if they break or wear out. This will not only make the phone’s parts last longer, but it will also get it back to how it was before the accident.

3. Clean All Openings and Buy Anti-Dust Plugs

Over time, dust will build up in the vents of your phone. Dust in your USB port can stop it from charging or transferring data. It can also hurt the sound of your headphones and make it hard to hear what people are saying on the phone.

Gently scrape the lint and dust out of the slots with a toothpick or the SIM ejector tool. You can cover all of the holes with anti-dust plugs from Amazon and

4. Clean the Screen, Cameras, and Sides

Like the last point, dust and fingerprints will slowly damage your phone’s screen, camera module, and frame. Since they don’t show fingerprints, oleophobic coatings on phones wear down over time.

People say you should clean your phone once a day. You can always go back to our detailed guide on how to clean the body of your phone if you want to learn more.